Storage Migration Service Cutover fail validation

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I am trying to migrate my Server 2008 R2 to my Server 2019 with Storage Migration Service.  On cutover validations I get the following failure:


validation fail.png


Now, I am under the impression that since these are Active Directory Domain Controllers, you can't have local user accounts (correct me if I am wrong).  Considering this, how am I supposed to get around this failure?


I have been banging my head against the wall for hours here lol.

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Hi @kneureuter 


Unfortunately, SMS cutover is unsupported on domain controllers. This has a workaround which may or may not be viable - demote the source, then promote after cutover. Of course can only be done if you have more than one domain controller.


The doc doesn't go into detail why it's not supported, but I suspect you are correct in that a DC has no local users.




@HidMov Thank you for your advice!  I will give that a try.