Server Migration Service error logs incomplete?

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After using the SMS tool to transfer data, the console shows 2835 failed files. However, when I download the error log I only have 2163 rows. That's 672 files the console says failed but were not logged. The transfer process was stopped once to troubleshoot an issue, is it possible that the same file was attempted twice but only logged once?


I'm trying to steer my boss away from Robocopy for this task, but the delta between stated and recorded failures is too large. 

Any way to validate this? 

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@MikeZzo Hi Mike. We can't think of any reason why this would happen. Please open an MS support case so logs can be examined. If it turns out to be a bug - and it sounds like it might be - there will be no charge for the case. 


Ned Pyle | Principal Program Manager, MS | @nerdpyle on twitter



Hey Mike,


I have a 2008R2 fileserver that has hundreds of Administrator ownership problems.  Sometimes when I take ownership it seems like I have no issues, and other times it seems to wipe the NTFS ACLs.  Similar to what this guys mentions, so there are concerns on seizing ownership -


With robocopy, I could always look through the log and search for "denied".  I use to get a few false positives, but it would always show me where my account was getting "access denied" to copy subfolders/files.  With SMS, I think it does the scan and then only reports on files it has access to.  I do not think it reports an error when it hits a folder it does not have permissions to copy.  I just did a scan of a server that SMS thnks has 2.2 million files(probably has a lot more) and when I went to copy it only reported 126 errors(probably thousands).  I was hoping SMS error report would show me my problems, but I might have to use AccessEnum for help figuring out where all my ownership issues exist and take ownership of each one.

@Dan H @MikeZzo for any issues with WS2008 R2 sources, please make sure:


1. You have this hotfix installed and group memberships set:


2. You have that source server 100% patched:

@Ned Pyle 


Thanks Ned - That helped a lot.  I did not have 100% of all updates applied.  I still do not have KB4490481 applied because it download specifying it is for 2019 OS Build 17763.404

and when installing it says it is not applicable to my 2019 file servers(1809.17763.557).  I checked and my servers do not have this update, but maybe it is included in something cumulative?  I will retry the transfer here shortly and see if any of the other updates helped.  

@Dan H Oh, that's good - you already have it and it's been superseded. Doublecheck those group memberships, we don't validate them currently but will in a coming update.