Securing (SSL) WINRM connection to remote servers

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Honolulu uses WinRM via TCP/5985 to connect to remote servers. Only to my knowledge WinRM via TCP/5985 by default is not encrypted. How can we use Project Honolulu with WinRM via HTTPS (TCP/5986)?

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Stupidest limitation ever! In our Enterprise we only use WinRM HTTPS TCP/5986 as you should be doing for Infrastructure mgmt.... I was really looking forward to using this, but it's so slow between clicks & this is definately a showstopper. 1st I had to allow it to talk to the internet due to signature verification 1x even though it's touted as being offline ready & now this...

Actually, WinRM over HTTP is encrypted if you don't use Basic or Digest authentication.


The communication is still encrypted, but you can't verify server identity. A hacker can steal NTLM hash and crack it.


Everything is good if your machines are in domain. Kerberos is used in this case.