Recommended account privileges for successful Inventory / Storage Migration Service


Is there documentation on the recommended account privilege level for Inventory of servers.  The account I'm using is a Domain Admin, Enterprise Admin, and added as local administrator of all the boxes I'm targeting.  I'm getting less than stellar results in successful inventories.  


I have one server, has 3TB volume hosting about 100 user "shares".  After 27 hours I've only inventoried 86GB of data in 4 shares that are "common" shares, and not an individual user share.  No errors, no estimated time of completion, and all shares marked as NOT STARTED.  

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You won't like the answer but: this requires looking at the logs from the Orchestrator node (proxy and orchestrator debug logs). Only MS Support can do that. If they are stuck tell them to escalate through their usual channels or ping our internal SMS distribution list. You can name drop me. :)

Funny you mention that. I've already done that.  When I mentioned the word Orchestrator in conjunction with storage migration service, they sent me to someone who thought I was using System Center Orchestrator to migrate the file server.


They already have all the proxy and orchestrator debug logs.  


I've also name dropped ;)  Hopefully they're reaching out internally. 


I'm running out of time though, today I've already rebuilt a new SMS server (saved the old one) and a separate WAC server (the old SMS server had WAC installed on it and was a combined server where I was running everything). 


I'm attempting this again, same results though.  No insight into where it is in the process.  Just kind of an empty spinning wheel of "running".  CPU and memory utiliation on the SMS box is at 10%.  Nothing out of the normal happening on the source box being inventoried. 


Thanks for the reply.

It's been...a challenge to say the least.