Project Honolulu installed but all my servers say "credentials needed"

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I have no idea how to provide credentials to Honolulu so I can use this tool.  I am a domain admin so i'm surprised my own account isn't credentials enough.  Is Honolulu acting as a proxy between me and all the servers?  What do I do to easily get rid of this message so I can manage these servers?

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If you click on the text saying credentials needed the right-hand side of the window should pop up with a logon box. enter your credentials and make sure you tick the use for all servers (something like that) checkbox.

Let me know how you get on.

I tried using "Windows Credentials" first and it failed.  But when i manually typed in those same credentials, it worked.  Does Microsoft Edge have issues passing my Windows creds to Honolulu?

I only use Chrome and my workstation user account does not have rights to access the servers, so I always have to enter the credentials.


Have you tried Chrome?

If you are deploying Project Honolulu as a service, in order to use the "use my windows credentials" option, you must configure some kind of Kerberos delegation between the Honolulu gateway server and the managed node. 


Visit Single sign-on when deployed as a Service on Windows Server for more information and sample PowerShell code to configure delegation.

1. Deployed WAC as a service on Windows Server 2016 

2. Delegated Kerberos delegation between the Honolulu gateway (WAC installed on) server and the managed node (Server A)

3.  When I add server B, server C etc.. in the WAC console and connect it is asking me ""use my windows credentials"  for login.


I want to directly connect to the newly added servers without asking for any prompt since single sign on is configured


Note: Opening the WAC console from my Local PC (Chrome)

On your step #2, you configured Kerberos delegation between the WAC gateway and Server A. You'll need to do this for each server B, C, etc...

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