Project Honolulu 1802 With Windows 10

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Dear All,


I'm trying to test Project Honolulu to monitor my Servers so I installed on my PC (Windows 10 1709) with Default port  (6516)


- How I can control it to limited Access (i mean only me)

- What ports need to open my Computer and Managed Servers and limited access to the admin.

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With project Honolulu, it will use your AD credentials. So anyone who has access to the servers will be able to use project Honolulu to view your servers, they will just need to install it on their Windows 10 machine and supply their credentials.


You will need to make sure WinRM is enabled on your servers.


I hope that clears things up for you. if you have any more questions let me know.







Thanks for your support.


my point is I have Windows 10 for Admin task with Domain Admin Account, I will install Project Honolulu on it and adding servers after opening WinRM port between my admin PC and managed servers. 

meanwhile, I don't want other admin to open my project Honolulu from Web URL and access my list and log in by using my credential





If they access the website on your computer, they will be asked for credentials. If they are an admin they can enter theirs, but they will not see what you have set up. They will have to add any servers they want.


You may find that your windows firewall will be blocking the port you set up Honolulu on and your other admins will not be able to access Honolulu running on your computer.


In the latest insider build, you can install it on a failover cluster, if you go ahead with Honolulu you should have a look at that.


Hope that helps.



Thanks, i will try meanwhile I have to open the below 


From                         to                              port               

My PC                       Server VLAN             5985          bi-Directional  or one way 

My PC                      Server VLAN           Project Honolulu default ports 

You may want to also open port 5986. That is the https port used for winrm.


Anytime. hope it works out well for you.


If you do need any more help, just reach out.


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