Problem with File Server using Windows Server 2019 with Shadow Copy and Fail-Over Cluster enabled

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My customer uses Windows Server 2019 as a File Server to share folders for their staff by network drive mapping. There are 2 file servers operating together with a fail-over cluster configured and shadow copy is enabled.


After both File Servers are automatically restarted by Windows update. We found Windows Event Log indicating that many files were damaged by source shadow copy (VSS).


Therefore, we proceed to disable shadow copy by stopping the VSS service. Then some document files are missing from the Share Folder. We noticed that missing files are the file that the user has modified 1 day before the operation of the VM system Backup.


  1. What causes file corruption from shadow copy operation? how can it be fixed, or does it require correct shadow copy settings for use with 20TB data?
  2. Can determine why the file was lost? Is it relevant to the functionality of the Shadow Copy and File Server Fail-Over Cluster?

Many Thanks for your advice.

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