Pre-Checks for pausing Hyper-Converged cluster node.

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This isn't a problem unique to Windows Admin Center, FailOver Cluster Manager, PowerShell, and VMM all have this issue too...but thought I'd request it anyway.



You have a Server 2016 Hyper-Converged cluster with S2D and you are backing up virtual servers via the host with an application like Veeam, DPM or RapidRecovery and while the backup is using VSS and running on a CSV if you pause the cluster node that owns that CSV the volume will crash and impact all the VMs on that CSV. If Windows Admin Center can put a check to see if VSS is running on a CSV when you initiate maintenance mode, pausing a host, or moving CSV ownership to a different host and warn the administrator that continuing could cause an issue that would be awesome. Extra bonus points if it could also check for any running storage job (because a rebalance or optimization running can also cause risk).

Cluster Aware Updating, FailOver Cluster Manager and Windows Admin Center are aware of repair jobs running and checks for VirtualDisk health which prevents some problems, but they don't check for VSS or other storage jobs...

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