Migrate a DFS server using Storage migration service

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I'm looking for some advice because I don't see DFS specifically referenced anywhere in the documentation as being a candidate for the SMS procedures.


I have two physical hosts in two separate sites running DFS with their content being replicated back and forth to each other.


  • Host A (local, running win 2012 R2); and
  • Host B (Remote, running win 2016).

I need to bring Host B back to the local site AND I'm virtualizing it (already have a 2019 host ready to accept the content).  Following that, I will likely virtualize Host A using the same methodology.


  1. Can I use SMS to accomplish this task (instead of moving a physical host) and turn it into a mostly seamless cutover?
  2. When I've scanned Host B almost everything succeeds with the exception of DFSROOT and print$.  DFSRoot basically links to F:\DFSRoots\dfsroot?  Do I somehow need to include that (it never succeeds in scanning it)
  3. Under Migrate Users and groups, it implies that migration like this "may" be possible as it has the option of: "Don't transfer users and groups (required on domain controllers or when seeding DFS Replication"
    1. Do I select this option? or stick with Rename accounts with the same name, etc..
  4. The new server I will want to pick up the old hosts name, but not it's IP address since they are in different sites with separate VLANs.
  5. Are there any steps specific to the  DFS that are needed to be completed following a successful transfer of data and a cutover?

Thanks for any insight you might have.



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