Late ama question : Honolulu v sccm

Stephen Owen
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Hey guys,

Missed the Ama but interested to see how the dev team views Honolulu fitting in with the greater set of tools like ConfigMgr or Intune for Windows Server management.

Next question, how does pricing work?
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Honolulu complements multi-machine policy-driven solutions like SCCM and Intune by providing single-server and single-cluster troubleshooting and ad-hoc configuration and maintenance capabilities. Honolulu is the evolution of the in-box MMC platform and core MMC snap-ins, and the in-box Server Manager capabilities. Think of Honolulu as an alternative to using Remote Desktop to log into a server for troubleshooting and ad-hoc management; this is particularly useful against Server Core machines.


Honolulu is licensed as part of Windows Server and is provided free of charge, since it is the evolution of traditional in-box tools.