Joining a Nano Server to a Domain

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I've been trying to join my Nano Server into my domain named via this PowerShell command:

>Import-Module .\NanoServerImageGenerator -verbose
>New-NanoServerImage -deploymentType Guest -Edition Datacenter -MediaPath E:\ -TargetPath D:\Hyper-V\NanoServers\Nano1.vhdx -ComputerName Nano1 -Domain -InterfaceNameOrIndex vEthernet -IPV4Address -IPV4SubnetMask -IPV4DNS


 After the VM is created however, the nano server doesn't seem to have adapted the configurations related to IP Address.




Is there anyone who knows whether I've missed anything during this process?

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-InterfaceNameOrIndex vEthernet


Only thing I could think of is that the interface name may be wrong? Maybe try the index value instead? 


Use Get-NetAdapter to display the network adaptors. 

I tried that too but each time I [re]created the VM, the result was the same.

Though I'm not sure if that's what the problem stems from since the name of the adapter on the top of the nano server's screen is shown as "Hyper-V Network Adapter" (By the way I'm performing a nested virtualization; a Nano Server inside a Server 2016 inside a Windows 10 workstation), so the adapter seems to be successfully configured, right?