Hyper V Server 2019 VM Paused-Critical Disk(s) encountered critical IO errors

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I am running Hyper V server 2019 and running 2 windows 10 VM (only OS running) and 1 Windows server essentials 2019. It worked fine for 6 months just running basic AD tasks. a management software was installed and we had issues since.

The 2 windows 10 VM can't start up. An error occurred while attempting to start the selected virtual machines 'Windows 10 VM' failed to change state


When I starte the windows server 2019 essentials a Paused-Critical shows on STATE and Status is 'Disk(s) encountered critical IO errors. there's plenty of available storage space in the VM



Can anyone help?


thank you

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@TemoRivera 9 times out of 10 it seems that this is caused by the expandable virtual hard drive running out of space to expand into (ie, something like a sparse vhdx - but maybe other situations as well).


If you can free up any space at all on the hard drive that holds the virtual disk, it may be able to expand the disk, finish up the writes in was working on, and just go its merry way. 


Once the virtual machine is shut down you can also move the virtual machine to another hard drive with more space - move should be an option when  you right-click the virtual machine in Hyper-V, once the machine has properly shut itself down.


Even though you mention "there is plenty of available storage space in the VM" - check BOTH that there is sufficient empty space inside the VM, but also on the physical hard drive that the vhd/vhdx file is on.


Of course, something else could be going wrong - either a failing hard drive or some other error.  But running out of space seems to be by far the most common cause of this problem.


(I know this is probably coming in far too late to address your particular problem but this question comes up high on the google search results and does not have an answer.)