Hyper-V Server 2019 stopped allowing connections after unjoining a domain

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Hey guys,


I have to say, I'm very unhappy with Hyper-V Server, I had it on a workgroup connecting using local users and it was working fine, I had it join a domain, I added a domain user to the administrators, but it didn't let me connect to it, so I had it unjoin the domain and go back the way it was before, but now not even the local users can connect to it, even after re-running the powershell commands to enable credssp and making every host (*) a trusted host.


Why is it this difficult to work with it? at least other Hypervisors have a web interface or they allow any admin user to connect to it from anywhere from the start, but not Hyper-V, I think if Microsoft wants to keep it alive it will have to make it easier for administrators to connect to it.


As per me, I just turned it off and I'm not going to use it again.

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