How to fix error while creating Tool extension from Windows Admin Center CLI

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This is related to developing extension for Windows Admin Center. There is SDK provided for the same by Microsoft to develop extensions. here is detail documentation which I was following ""

Create tool extension:

Referring to section "Prepare your development environment" I have installed prerequisites.

After that I tried to next step to create tool by using Windows Admin Center CLI. I executed following command

wac create --company "Contoso Inc" --tool "Manage Foo Works"

But system gives following error

const { readdir, stat } = require('fs').promises; TypeError: Cannot destructure property readdir of 'undefined' or 'null'.

Is there something missing while creating development environment.

Environment details

Windows 10 Professional, npm@6.9.0, node@v9.11.1, angular cli: 6.1.5, typescript 2.9.2

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@TusharBhagat Can you run this in the same path you are trying to create an extension:

npm list

and let me know which version of the windows-admin-center-cli you have installed? 


I am little bit confused about version I can get for different CLI.

When I execute npm List in the same folder where I am going to create extension I am getting package version as windows-admin-center-cli@0.1.26 or if latest installed then windows-admin-center-cli@0.1.29

But I get different output when I am executing command npm wac-cli -v  



But answer to your question, I am getting version 0.1.26

@TusharBhagat I believe this error might of been fixed in a recent version. Can you try installing  windows-admin-center-cli@0.1.29 and see if you get the same issue?  I am not sure what wac-cli is referring to as we do not have versions that high.


I have installed latest windows admin center with version 0.1.29 and tried same command as

"wac create --company Microsoft --tool Foo --version insider"

But still I am getting same error as shown in attached image

@TusharBhagat I am still looking into this issue. I am having a difficult time trying to reproduce the issue. I will provide any update when it is available.

@TusharBhagat can you try doing these installs again? (

npm install -g npm

npm install -g @angular/cli@1.6.5

npm install -g gulp
npm install -g typescript
npm install -g tslint
npm install -g windows-admin-center-cli

I have followed our documentation found here:

I set up a clean environment in Windows Sandbox and followed the documentation. If this does not provide any change please provide any more details you have as I still cant reproduce this issue (npm version and node versions)

@alexanderboswellThanks for your reply.

I have followed the process but unfortunately I am facing same problem. But I can proceed with the changes suggested in GIT PR raised by @nitinpawar28

I will try to do it on clean machine and will let you know.