How to confirm upgraded A/D server is primary controller

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I have created a new MS Server 2022 A/D server to replace the MS Server 2012 A/D.   I want to ensure the new server is in control of all the features/functions of the old one.  The new server has all the roles as the old one.  The netdom query shows the new server in all areas:

PS C:\Windows\system32> netdom query fsmo
Schema master
Domain naming master
RID pool manager
Infrastructure master
The command completed successfully.


Replication is in working as I can create a user on the new server and see it replicate to the old server as well as AAD.


When the server restarts, I see these eventIDs

2092   Microsoft-Windows-ActiveDirectory_DomainService
User Action:

This server is the owner of the following FSMO role, but does not consider it valid. For the partition which contains the FSMO, this server has not replicated successfully with any of its partners since this server has been restarted. Replication errors are preventing validation of this role.

Operations which require contacting a FSMO operation master will fail until this condition is corrected.

FSMO Role: DC=src,DC=net

4013   Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Server-Service 

The DNS server is waiting for Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to signal that the initial synchronization of the directory has been completed. The DNS server service cannot start until the initial synchronization is complete because critical DNS data might not yet be replicated onto this domain controller. If events in the AD DS event log indicate that there is a problem with DNS name resolution, consider adding the IP address of another DNS server for this domain to the DNS server list in the Internet Protocol properties of this computer. This event will be logged every two minutes until AD DS has signaled that the initial synchronization has successfully completed.


1202  ADWS

This computer is now hosting the specified directory instance, but Active Directory Web Services could not service it. Active Directory Web Services will retry this operation periodically.

Directory instance: NTDS
Directory instance LDAP port: 389
Directory instance SSL port: 636


How are these corrected?  When done, I will only need 1 A/D server in my network and that will be the new MS Server 2022.  What other things should I check to make sure the new A/D server is fully in control before I remove the roles from the old server, decommission it and elevate the functional level?

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@Mikeg0210 it’s been quite some time since I did this but I recall you can’t jump from 2012 to 2022.  I’m sure there is a schema upgrade needed somewhere in the process before jumping to 2022.

Thanks I did have problems with the Schema until I gave myself Schema Admin permissions. Then that upgraded completed. Thanks for the tip