How Does Action Scripts Executed in Systems Insights and is Mock Execution Possible?

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I installed System Insights in Admin Center and managed several servers.


I created some scripts for some forecast actions. However, I have some questions before deploy:

1. How the scripts executed? Should I copy all the scripts to each server so that they cay execute them locally?

2. How can I mock a situation (let's say disk warning) and let the system execute the script, so I can see if it reaches my expectation?

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@nabor0819 Apologies for the delayed reply. Currently, there is no way for scripts to be executed across multiple servers. They will need to be run individually. There is also no way to mock a situation to see if it executes.

@Prasidh_Arora Thanks for your reply. Since they must run individually, can I use UNC path so that I won't have to copy scripts across servers?