Hmm... Something went wrong - try again. (Windows Admin Center 1809.5)

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Windows Admin Center 1809.5 was working fine earlier today.  Now it is giving this message.

Hmm... Something went wrong - try again.

Windows Admin Center has encountered an error that it cannot recover from. What would you like to do next?


I have tried accessing Windows Admin Center from different computers and different browsers and they all have the same message.  When I click on the "Refresh Windows Admin Center" the page reloads with the same error.  This is installed on a Hyper-V 2016 failover cluster with four nodes.


The lines below are a copy of the browsers console logs.


main.1caa960788810689c09a.bundle.js:1 Welcome to the Windows Admin Center debugging api. Type "" to see a list of available commands
api/connections:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)
main.1caa960788810689c09a.bundle.js:1 -- ConnectionManager
main.1caa960788810689c09a.bundle.js:1 logLevel: Error
main.1caa960788810689c09a.bundle.js:1 timestamp: 2019-02-14T01:27:58.565Z
main.1caa960788810689c09a.bundle.js:1 message: Couldn't retrieve saved server list:No such host is known.

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@Keenan Hinz


Hi Keenan,


I have a similar setup with 2019 Server Cluster and getting the same error.


Did you get this resolved? 

@Minh_Huynh I solved this by completely uninstalling Windows Admin Center and re-installing it.