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I know there's a better place to post this, but I could not find anything GPO related. I have a file server and two domain controllers running server 2012 r2 and all windows 10 clients. I'm trying to setup the users in our domain for folder redirection. I believe that I have configured everything correctly, but nothing is getting redirected. Using rsop, everything looks to be getting applied correctly. I don't see any permissions errors. If the folders just aren't getting created or the files just aren't getting redirected, where's the best place to start looking for mistakes?

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First thing I would check is make sure you have the GPO setup in the correct OU.

I have created GPO before that apply to only Computers but created it in a Users OU.  With GPOs you have to make sure that you have it in the correct location so that it affects the objects.  Users\Computers.  Beyond that, it is hard to diagnose something like this without seeing it.  The other thing I would check is where is the GPO stored and can your PCs or Users access that location on the network.  If you put it in the Sysvol location like standard practice, you should be fine.  If you are not using the Sysvol, you have to make sure that the DCs are replicating correctly. @Roger Stumbaugh 

I managed to get things straightened out. I typically do name the GPO with user or computer. It makes things pretty easy. I was surprised that nothing I found concerning folder permissions seemed to work. I eventually gave an admin account ownership to the folders and the user full control.  @ITguy335