Error with tool Events : no log channel selected (v1712 b1.1.1712.05002)

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I have installed the latest version of Honolulu and unfortunately, with this new version, the tool Events doesn't work anymore.

When I click on Events I see on the main pane 'No log channel selected.' and a few seconds later (sometimes faster) a red error message 'WebSocket/Powershell not connected or not configured.'


Like this :



Any idea how I can solve this ?

In the previous versions the Events tool was working.





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I get this in chrome, but not in Edge. Edge seems to work fine for Events.

It is indeed working in Edge. I hope it is only an error and that Chrome will still be supported.




Hi Marc,


According to the error, it seems to be related to WinSock. There is known issue if we using a proxy service.