Domain Policy Question

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I work as desktop field support for a large organization and have asked the domain admin this question but he has not been able to point to a policy causing the issue i am trying to solve.


A user is attempting to RDP to another external organization but the login is getting denied. The other organization does not see anything wrong. I had him attempt it on a fresh imaged system before joining our domain and it works fine. But after joining our domain it fails again. I expect there is an domain policy that is being applied that is the cause and strongly suspect there is one that can be enable to prevent logins to an external domain but i am not finding it. Can anyone point me to what policy setting that would be? Thanks.

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You could do a rsop.msc on his computer and scroll through all Remote Desktop and security settings to see if there's anything? If not, place the computer in another OU without any GPO's on it, reboot and try again.