Deploy and Install Windows Admin Center in an Azure VM


The great thing about Windows Admin Center (WAC) you manage every Windows Server doesn't matter where it is running. You can manage Windows Servers on-prem, in Azure or running at other cloud providers. Now if you want to use Windows Admin Center to manage your virtual machines running in Azure, you can use either an on-prem WAC installation and connecting it using a public IP address or a VPN connection, or you can deploy and install Windows Admin Center in Azure. This blog post will show you how you can deploy and install Windows Admin Center in an Azure virtual machine (VM).


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What type of risks could be associated with running Windows Admin Center in this way? Meaning to set it up as an Azure VM and then having servers connect over the Internet to the VM's public IP.


I'm interested in setting up something similar seeing as we have clients/servers both on-prem and in Azure in completely different environments. This would save us a lot of trouble since we wouldn't have to set up Windows Admin Center for every single customer.


Kind regards, Frida