Create a Native/Desktop Windows Admin Center implementation or Open source it

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@Prasidh_Arora , @Cosmos Darwin, and @Jeff Woolslayer,


I've been bugging you about this ever since Windows Admin Center became a product, and since more and more advancements are going only there this is becoming an issue. A number of people have already upvoted the idea on the user voice, and this needs to get done especially for large corporations such as GE. Here is the reference to the uservoice:




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@Steskalj Thanks for the comment. Please take a look at Jeff Woolsey's response from the User Voice:

"Issue 1: Performance. Wrapping Admin Center in Electron will not automatically make things faster. Memory usage would go up and performance would likely not benefit. In terms of React, Admin Center uses Angular and moving to React would require a substantial rewrite of all the UI code. In short, we understand there's work to do to improve performance and it's underway.


Issue 2: Smart Card/Windows Hello/OAuth Token support. Yes, we are keenly aware of this request and are investigating solutions. Wrapping the app in Electron marginally eases auth in some scenarios while making critical production scenarios (Admin Center in gateway mode) far more challenging. In short, we know this feature is important and it is on the list."


Thank you!

@Prasidh_Arora  , The question is will a native client be on the roadmap. I was told by Jeff it was and there would be more information around this time of the year. The community wants a native client, but they settled for the current incarnation of Admin Center since it was better than the alternative. I hope the native/desktop client is still going to happen fairly quickly or the team open sourcing the project so the community can build it.