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Hello everyone,
I need someone to help me with the below:
I have an HP MSA storage connected and configured with RAID 10, the disk is now visible on the ESXI 6.5.
But I am having an issue to create and include it on a failover cluster.
I will quite appreciate it,if someone could help me with an information on how to add an additional storage to the failover cluster.


Also, a step by step to install and configure cluster on windows server 2016.Although, the OS was installed on ESXI 6.5.



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Hi @tonnybabs,


You can refer to the official Microsoft documentation on how to create failover clusters:


Create a failover cluster

Here's a Microsoft blog post on how to add disk to a cluster:


Adding Disk to Cluster


If you're planning to use Cluster Shared Volumes (CSVs), you can refer to the following documentation:

Use Cluster Shared Volumes in a failover cluster



Hope this helps!


Best regards,