Changing the SSL certificate silently

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Hi everyone,


does anyone know if there is a way to change the SSL certificate thumbprint for Windows Admin Center without doing a "change installation"? I'm using a Let's Encrypt certificate and have to change it frequently, so I'ld really like to do that with a powershell script, but I couldn't figure out where the thumbprint is stored. I think in previous versions it was stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ServerManagementGateway but this isn't the case anymore with 1809.


I've also tried using msiexec.exe /I$WACGUID /qn REGISTRY_REDIRECT_PORT_80=1 SME_PORT=$Port SME_THUMBPRINT=$CertThumbprint SSL_CERTIFICATE_OPTION=installed but I end up with a corrupted installation and a stopped WAC service. I can start it, but I can't access WAC afterwards.

When I try it without /qn I get the options to change or remove, if I click change, all my parameters are set correctly and WAC works with the new thumbprint, but I couldn't figure out, how to do that silently.


EDIT: I just found out, that running the msi without /qn doesn't actually set my parameters correctly, it just uses the ones from the initial installation.


Any help appreciated..



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