Change local account password and WAC stops working?

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Have had WAC (latest release) working perfectly for the last 3 weeks on a newly built Windows 10 ENT 20H2 desktop. I am using WAC to manage a small business workgroup environment.


Today - I updated my local account password on this machine - and suddenly WAC can no longer fire up at all. When I click the WAC icon on the start menu - I do get the prompt to select an existing Windows Admin Center client certificate followed by this message in MS Edge (91.0.864.37)


" You are not authorized to view this page. If you recently updated Windows Admin Center, you may need to restart your browser, and then refresh the page"


No amount of restarting the browser, clearing cache or refreshing the page does anything. I checked the certificate - it appears to be valid with no issues.


While I have no idea what my local account password has to do with this - clearly something is bent out of shape.


Anyone have any idea what is going on or where I might start to look to adjust my credentials for WAC? 


EDIT: As much as I did not want to - I see that 2103.2 became available and I had to do a reinstall - looks like that did the trick. But JEEZ - what is the deal here? The reinstall wiped all my machines and I need to redo the whole layout. As an "enterprise" tool - I do not see the point to this tool if you cannot easily export and reimport a machine list - it sure would have come in handy in this case.





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