Certificate Revocation issues

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I have configured WAC to communicate to servers using WinRM HTTPS. The certs that each server uses for WinRM are just standard machine certs that they get from ADCS via autoenrollment.


The problem with WAC is that it must initially try to connect to the CRL over http, and my CRL is LDAP. So each day when first connecting to a server I get a connection failure with "The SSL certificate could not be checked for revocation. The server used to check for revocation might be unreachable. For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic."


Interestingly, if I do an enter-pssession -usessl to any server to be managed from the gateway server running WAC, it fixes the connection error above. So that makes me think that WAC can query a CRL using LDAP, it just doesnt.

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I've been experiencing the same issue with my new installation of WAC and have been able to resolve it by running enter-pssession as well. However, having to do this every time I restart the WAC server or attempt to connect to a new server effectively makes the WAC web app unusable.

We're also having exactly the same issue and our CRLs are published to a web server, so this is not only related to LDAP.

@Diego Vasquez 


did you manage to solve this issue ?

Hi @Diego Vasquez, @Vlad-Drac, @HPruyn and @Neihana, thanks for bringing it up. I'm Rebecca from the product side. We have tried to reproduce this without success, I would like to request if we can hop on call so that we may troubleshoot and also understand the problem better? Please message me if this would work with you! Thank you.

@Rebecca_Wambua Sorry I don't have access to that environment anymore, but still interested in any positive outcomes regarding this.

Thanks! Seems like we cannot reproduce this at all. But in case someone else experiences it please reply to me!
I have same issue as Neihana. Going to be a pain if I have to execute a pre-script every time I want to use WAC.

@Rick_Crowe Hi, thank you for confirming that you are still experiencing this issue. I will notify the team. Would you be willing to have a couple of calls with an engineers to assist in investigation? If so pls send me an email titled "Certificate Revocation issues" that contains your timezone and preferred times to my email (rwambua@microsoft.com). Bug number: 41817157. Thank you!