Cannot Manage Cluster via WAC with Secure WINRM

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I got an error message trying to manage a cluster via WAC using Secure WINRM (5986).

Initially, I was able to reproduce the error when manually connecting via WinRM using the cluster name; so I created a new SSL cert that had CN=<clusterFQDN> plus SAN including the cluster FQDN and the FQDN of the individual nodes.

Now I can do secure WinRM using either the cluster or node names, but WAC still gives me the same error?!


Sometimes I wonder if anybody is even using Secure WINRM as their default/only management method...


cluster wac.PNG

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@Diego Vasquez  We ran into the same issue.


@Diego Vasquez 

Uservoice is gone, can we get the workaround? I'm having this same issue.