Cannot install, update or remove extensions or remove added groups

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We are using WAC 1904, but had the same (unresolved) issue with 1903. It is installed as gateway on a fully patched Server 2019 on premise.


Connecting to WAC using Firefox and authenticating with domain or local admin works.

When accessing settings -> gateway -> extensions, we can:

add or remove feeds

see available extension

see installed extensions


if we click on any extension, nothing happens. The extension is not highlighted, the details are not loaded and thus we are not able to install, update or remove an extension. 


Under "gateway access" we have a similiar condition. We can add groups and assign them a role, but we cannot chose an added group and thought we are not able to delete it.


A normal user, that is in a "wac-admin" group that is assigned to "gateway admin" role, can connect to the WAC using firefox, but will only get a blank page.


Anything we can do to resolve this? Should we start completly over? 


Thanks for any help


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Please let us know if you experience these issues in the new Microsoft Edge or Chrome.

@Jeff Woolslayer : With Firefox it is like described above. With every other browser (edge, chrome, opera) we get a http error 500.


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Looks like I solved it by completly uninstalling WAC and doing a new install. 


After the new installation I logged in as domain admin using chrome. First thing i did then was adding the group "wac-admins" as gateway-admins. 

"wac-admins" contains all it users and the domain admin. Now every user in this group can add and remove extensions.  Works with edge and chrome.