Can't connect to Hyper-V Converged Cluster

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I've raised a bug here -


I've installed Windows Admin Center with high availability following

I can connect to nodes in the cluster fine through WAC, however when I try to add the cluster it says it can't find the name.

If I click on one of the nodes it gives the FQDN of the cluster, I click it and it adds it as a connection but when I try to access it, it complains that WINRM couldn't not process the operation.

I've tried it with two different clusters on our network.


Any ideas?

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I've checked and the cluster IP that is on a node is showing as listening on that IP when running winrm e winrm/config/listener in PowerShell - so that doesn't seem to be the issue.

Deleting the listener and recreating it fixed the issue.

In PowerShell:
winrm delete winrm/config/Listener?Address=*+Transport=HTTP
winrm create winrm/config/Listener?Address=*+Transport=HTTP