[BUG] Cannot Import Shared Connection List by CSV File

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On the Shared Connections page, attempts to import the CSV file exported by PowerShell will not work... the generated CSV file will produce 0 results.


However, if I rename the file to TXT, it will import a line-separated list successfully... but I still have to reformat the original CSV to produce that line format. Simply renaming the CSV to TXT will import an improperly formatted list of servers that includes all the tags.


As such, there seems to be no way of exporting a list of servers PLUS tags and importing it back into the Shared Connections list. Importing into individual list by PowerShell DOES work... haven't tried from portal.

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Side note... why isn't there a Powershell cmdlet to import a shared connection list?

@Aaron Hall The csv file that is created with the PowerShell export is not compatible with "choose a list of server names to import" in the UI. I can see how this can be misleading -- I've added a note to clarify this in the next documentation revision.  The csv files created by the PowerShell export are intended for use with the corresponding PowerShell import function.


To manage the shared connections using the PowerShell import/export, use the value 'global' in the last column (groupId) - this was recently added to the documentation: CSV file format for importing connections.

Appreciate the response, but yes, it's extremely misleading and frankly a pretty poor design choice. The Import/Export functions should really be the same whether in the GUI or PS... seems like a logical way to keep a consistent experience AND code base.

@Jeff Woolslayer 


the import tool is still wonky. I've tried importing a new list of servers in the latest version of WAC and this is what i get:



I've tried multiple methods: 

  • as a .csv file
  • as a .txt file
  • as both methods above with and without headers
  • as both methods above with and without quotes
  • with/without the tags

I've followed the documentation you provided in the link, but still to no avail. I have full admin rights to the gateway and I've tried the import method both on the main overview page and on the settings page. 


the resultant output i want is for one file to have all the connections, tags, and even "groupId" so that I can standardize the connections for my team. Instead, the import would add a new row for every element as a connection setting (eg: it would add the rows "name", "type"..."cerosi", "msft.sme.connection-type.server", "tester"...etc). any help?