[Bug] Can't connect to cluster or node running WAC

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Our environment is a Hyper-V hyper-converged S2D cluster running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter edition.
WAC has been installed as a high availability deployment option called wac.

WAC is currently running on node 1 in the cluster.
When it is on node 1, connecting to node 1 in WAC is really slow and connecting to node 2 in WAC is really fast.

If I failover WAC to node 2, then connecting to node 1 in WAC is really fast and connecting to node 2 is really slow.

If I try and add the cluster by it's FQDN it says it cannot verify it's network. If I click the blue hyper-link to the cluster from one of the nodes via their WAC page it adds the cluster but it fails to load. It prompts for credentials, using my windows credentials or supplying alternative credentials does not work. It says that the process could not be completed.
Kerberos delegation has been done as documented by MSFT for the SSO to work.
Winrm is enabled and listening on HTTP on all IPs on all nodes.

We have another cluster - cluster2 that is also Hyper-V hyper-converged running Windows Server 2016 Data edition.
If I try and access that cluster or it's nodes from the same WAC install it works absolutely fine.

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