Admin Center with Failovercluster / HyperV: Performance Charts / Virtual Disks

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Hello all,


I am using Admin Center 1904.1 with a 2 node FailoverCluster based on Server 2019. I am using the Cluster for HyperV. 

I am not using S2D, I have one CSV publsihed from a shared storage.

Both nodes have the latest windows updates.

When I am configuring a VM, the performance charts are not available. In addition and way more critical, the vhd´s are not showing up and I am not able to modify them.

Follwing the errors I encountered:


_Performance data_


Couldn't get the live performance data

1:09:49 PM



There was an error getting the performance live chart data for R-TEST02. Error: RemoteException: Failed Activity ID: {32eca88d-2107-000c-c6ab-ec320721d501}





Couldn't get the virtual disks.

1:09:47 PM



There was an error loading the virtual disks of virtual machine 'R-TEST02'. Error: Failed to find SDDC Management resource, reason : The specified resource type was not found.


Thanks for your help,



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@dennismueller did you ever find a fix for this? i am seeing the same issues

I am seeing the same issue and not finding much on this issue. Find a fix yet?

I have the same issue still on Windows Admin Center ver. 2103 and newest updated images of Windows Server 2019.



I have my system running in cluster using nested virtualization. Maybe this is a problem? Do you run yours on hardware?



Did anyone figure this out? I'm seeing the same problem as well

@clarkry I have a ticket open with MS so waiting to hear what they say.

@John Shay Hi, did the support answer something?

Yes, they did acknowledge an issue and said it is in development.

@dennismueller I have the same problem, even with the newest 2110 Release. On my 2016 standalone Hyper-V Hosts there is no problem, only in the cluster (2019 Hosts). I'm wondering why MS does not fix this.

I also installed the 2110 version and still have the same error.