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hi my name is Eric, i am a first year system administration student in the NL
i have run into a problem with the login of admin center on my hobby server (basically an old desktop from 2009, surprisingly running windows server 2019) but i'm having trouble getting WinRM to cooperate, i'm not sure if this is the right place to even ask, if not my apologies. i attached a file with the error i'm getting when trying to log onto the server, am i doing something wrong? did i skip a step? i'm not entirely sure

Note: this is a clean install of windows server 2019
Note 2: kerberos is not enabled 

Edit: i have done some more digging my server certificate is according to Chrome unsafe.

there is a DDNS name registered for my PC by use of no ip (this is for my minecraft server, doesn't use port 443) could this have something to do with it?

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Hi, i am in the same position as you but in a corporate production environment.
We have over 5000 production and UAT servers and cannot access a single one of them after installing on a Server 2019 production server.
I hope someone can answer both our questions.


@davidcraig31 is your admin center certificate valid? just for my own sanity

@generaal-eric Yeah, the certificate is issued by our PKI server and is valid until 2026

@davidcraig31 i dont know how to get mine valid, i made one my self using IIS but google chrome keeps complaining about the following:
Im probably overlooking something but a little pointer would be nice :)


@generaal-ericwhen you created the certificate did you install it in the correct place on your server for the type of certificate? i.e ours are in "Personal > certificates" and if issued to a full domain you need to make sure you access gateway using the full FQDN. also a certificate wont work if you are using a direct IP unless you have specified this in the SSL certificate on creation. 


Also did you update WAC with the new thumbprint of your certificate or did you install initially using that certificate?

@davidcraig31 its a standalone server no domain nothing around it
according to what i read online i have to add the DDNS i have to the SAN 
an new observation between two virtual machines i made is this:
note: i never had this problem in the past this just became i thing, i would guess its related to the problem

as you can see the win rm service is having issues again, this time between two virtual machines
(dont worry i can ping) and the machines it self are clean standalone installs of windows servers, as of the moment of writing this, not 2 hours old

+the fact that if i do put the one physical machine i have in a domain, the moment my laptop (that i use for school and the virtual machine stuff) and the domain goes offline the Minecraft server has a mental breakdown and cannot verify the usernames of players

@davidcraig31 found the solution you dont want to run winRM over HTTPS only, you want to use http and https, fixed it for me, hope it fixes it for you :)