Windows Admin Center, your favorite server management tool, is now available in preview in Azure. This new capability allows you to manage the Windows Server OS running on Azure IaaS VMs seamlessly and at a more granular level. This in-built functionality provides the opportunity for greater oversight of your workloads right from the Azure Portal.



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Get the job done with simplicity and convenience

Windows Admin Center in Azure unlocks incredible capabilities for the Azure Portal by providing you with an interface to manage the OS of your Windows Server VMs. In the past, the Azure Portal provided a singular view for VM management, giving access to only infrastructure level management. With the addition of Windows Admin Center, we have opened up opportunities for true granular virtual machine management. This will reduce the need for you to Remote Desktop into your Azure VM for administration offering the same experience for VMs with or without a GUI.


Familiar UI

You can now configure, troubleshoot, and perform maintenance tasks with the same Windows Admin Center UI that you know and love using on your Windows Server in your datacenters. Manage your files, view expired certificates, monitor performance, view critical events, use an in-browser RDP session and so much more without leaving the Azure Portal. We now provide cloud capabilities that were once only available to Windows Admin Center users on-premises.


Always up to date

We are continuously adding new capabilities to improve the experience of our customers. On Azure, Windows Admin Center is always kept up to date with the latest and greatest features. In addition, as we enter public preview, Windows Admin Center will be backed by the support infrastructure that provides reliability for all other Azure services. You now have a great way to manage your Windows Server virtual machines in Azure.


Get started

Windows Admin Center in the Azure Portal is available to all Windows Server customers on Azure running Windows Server 2016 or 2019 virtual machines in the public cloud.


Join the preview today! (Sign up closes on 9/30/2020)


Please email all questions and feedback to


Learn more

New to Windows Admin Center? Check out this intro video.

Already a Windows Admin Center pro? Check out our blog post announcing general availability of Windows Admin Center v2009 and these skilling videos from Ignite 2020.

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Ignite just started and off to a great start! This is a really cool idea!

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Docs on the on-premise version, for new comers:

Try it on a workstation or a Windows Hyper-V Core Server, it works well.


It can also be installed by the Chocolatey Windows Package Manager.

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Is there a last preview slot available? We want to use it for a beta project.

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As we managed Lots of Azure VMs My company it is also interested to join this preview, do you guys have a slot open please dm


Ivan R


FYI I also added my personal tenant but no updates on startup as of today

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Are there any news with the slots available?

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Thank you

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How is the preview of this coming along. We run on prem, interested as to when it will be GA for Azure portal. 

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Any news on this - when can we expect a Public Preview version of Windows Admin Center in the Azure Portal ?