Workspace in RDP for MAC randomly disappear

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Our company uses Windows 365 Enterprise CloudPC and it is setup in RDP. Users who are using Windows OS as their local machine do not encounter the issue. Users who are using Mac computer encounter this issue where the Workspace setup on their RDP is suddenly gone. Our workaround is just to re-add the workspace to the RDP.


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I have the same issue.
Have you found any possible fix? or do you have an idea what is causing the issue?


This just happened to me the other day when my Mac locked up and I had to restart it. The only way to access my contractor email, apps, etc. is through the remote laptop and I have NO CLUE how to add back the login parameters. It's been fun trying to describe the problem to their tech support team over the phone.

I have the same problem and unfortunately do not have a clue how to fix it.
I haven't had this problem in the past but after a reinstallation of my Mac the other week this issue appeared. Maybe related to a recent security update from Apple?


I finally got a response from my client's tech support team. This is what helped get it back up and running. I can't guarantee it will solve your problem but it's worth a try and easy to do.

Open a private browser window and log into with your organization's credentials. On the home screen, you should see a screen similar to this one. Click on the "Get subscription URL" and copy the link.

Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 9.32.48 AM.png

Next, open your Remote Desktop app and click on the Workspaces button and paste the URL into the Add Workspace field.

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The Workspace URL will automatically populate so just click Add. You'll get a login screen where you can log in with your organization's credentials. Hope this helps! 


@KelliPassa Thanks for the information but the problem isn’t that i don’t have the URL, the problem is that the workspace settings disappear after some time so that you have to setup the workspace over and over again.


Same here on 2 Mac´s, on next day I have to put the 365 URL very frustrating.    

Hi KelliPassa, thank you for sharing this. This is the workaround that I am talking about on my post. This step is just re-adding the Workspace to the RDP. This step will definitely add your workspace, but the problem is, after a while the Workspace will randomly disappear again. So you have to re-add it again and again, just like what other's experience in the comments below. This issue is only happening to Mac users

Dear @eric111203  ,
I had exactly the same issue and I put in the workspace links again and discarded my accounts in the setting  here:



Of course the client forced me to put in my credentials after hitting the respective workspace links like here



but at least I didn't loose the session and especially I did not loose my workspaces after quitting and restarting the MS rdp client. ( Thanks to K. in finding the solution). Hope that works for you as well.


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Same problem here ... after restarting the workspace-list is empty - please FIX!

I've had the workspace list disappear multiple times in a single day... it's very annoying.

same issue again, loose connection and list, my workaround isn't stable ! sorry. MS please fix that !!

This issue is still unsolved. 

Anyone found any workaround to fix this issue?

Version 10.9.3 (2158)
Sep 21, 2023 at 23:35
55.47 MB

... Fixed cases where workspace refresh causes workspace to be deleted.

Makes hope!

@Ro-Te Still not working with the new release ... 

It's working again for me, I'm using the beta version 10.9.3 (2158) and I haven't had any losses for two days.

Sorry!! It seems to work - the last update wasn't announced in the app store..
Downloaded the latest version from the Apple- AppStore this morning, seems to work since then. Thanks