Windows365 Support Challenges, Refund: Any Advice?

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Hello- Thank you in advance for your assistance. Been using Windows365 since the start. A very well done solution. But it appears Microsoft has now outsources support to Infogyss (or similar). The support is brutally hard to work with. They're trying, but all communication takes extremely long (many days) and the resolutions have become incredibly hard to achieve.


I'm running 10 VMs and they all hit a bug where 2FA requirement would appear at log-in. They indicated this is "a problem" and would try to help fix. Over 5hours and almost 2wks later, the problem still existed. This cost me over $15,000 in employee downtime. In the end, the problem was never resolved and I wound up purchasing 10 laptops at a new expense of $7000. In the end, poor MS support cost me over $20K.


So, I had to cancel the licenses until they can figure out "the problem". So I asked for a refund for 1mo of Windows365. This has taken another 2hrs of my time and it is "Under review". Oh, it's been over a week again.


So, this is guidance I'm looking for:

- How can MS learn that their outsourced support is not working very well?

- Any advice how to get to actual MS support (who used to be absolutely fantastic!)?


Note: The outsourced support company pretty much FORCES you to give positive feedback or they keep the ticket open and keep calling. In my opinion, MS is probably getting very inaccurate reports on customer sat. 


Thoughts? Thanks!

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No, we do not outsource Support, could you please send me personal message and I'd like to personally follow up with you.

Hey Eric- Hmmm.. That's strange. Yup.. Absolutely.


And have to add: MS's support has always been very very good.



- Bill


Hello @Eric Orman - Just want to make sure you got my direct message (sent it the other day). Have also not heard back from MS support re: Refund. Silence all around.



No response from Microsoft support or from Eric. Guess the answer is, "No, Microsoft doesn't provide refunds for defective services." Good to know.
Ok, finally figured why there has been so little response: Microsoft thought I was asking for $15K. Laughed out loud when I read that. Was just looking for a refund for the 1 month of service that didn't work. In the end, they didn't charge me for the month of downtime which is what I expected them to do and why I was so puzzled at this.

In the end, just a misunderstanding. Anyway.. no one is reading this anyway but wanted to make sure to be fair to MS.