Windows 385 Cloud PC: Unable to access from Remote Desktop (Windows Laptop)


I got Windows 365 Cloud PC (I am the single user) and able to access from my MAC. But when trying to get it access from another Windows Laptop getting below error. The same usename is working fine when accessing Win365 Cloud PC through browser & Remote Desktop from MAC. 


This user may be incorrect. make sure typr it correctly. Otherwise, contact your admin

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If I can not access the Cloud PC from multiple devices what is the point of subscribing Win-365 Cloud PC. Do I need to add device access somewhere ?


Is there any direct support URL/official contact email ID for Windows-365 ?




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@Tusar369 : Thanks for your patience. Did you get the issue resolved or contact support? We also have some documentation on Troubleshooting connection errors. I'm happy to follow-up to see how we can get your issue resolved.



Same issue here. Works completely fine from a Mac via RDP but from windows using the same proper RDP client from the Windows 365 Launch page its a no go. RDP throws an error about "logon attempt failed". Whats odd is that it looks like the legacy basic auth credentials prompt vs the modern auth login on windows whereas on Mac it seems to go through the modern auth and no issues.

One of the reason you cannot use the RDP Client (not browser) to logon to cloud pc is because you have enabled MFA per user. If you disable your MFA, you can RDP in.

@EricTheSquirrel, are you still having this issue? I am too and I narrowed it down to GPOs being applied. I had our IT department join a Win11 system to the domain but NOT apply GPOs and they were able to access the W365 Cloud PC. If GPOs are applied to that same Win11 workstation, they are unable to connect UNLESS they connect to the company VPN which has an Express Route connection to Azure.

@Christian_Montoya, I'm trying to find the needle in the haystack. Thoughts on what policies could prevent a Win11 system from connecting without VPN connectivity?