Windows 365 - without an On-Prem Network

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Is there a way to configure the Windows 365 for a pure AzureAD experience?  I am surprised, this is not something native. 

Basically, we join all our devices (Windows 10) directly to AzureAD and inTune and do not have an on-prem domain.  


I have a need to create VMs for non-employee users, and this would be perfect if I can connect them the same way as I would a normal desktop with the OOBE

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you would need to use a business version, I have done this and it's joined Azure AD with no problem (it pretty much did it for me) and I can still manage it in MEM, this gives me easy access to email and SharePoint etc.

@Tom Davison Thanks, of course the trial I have was Enterprise, I guess we just buy a business license to see it work.

yeah some times the bigger product isn't always the better one :)
Soon there will be ability within Enterprise option of Windows 365 to choose AADJ option, this is published in our "in development" doc.
Is this now a capability? We did a reverse migration from Azure AD to onprem in order to launch Windows365 VDIs. It went horribly wrong since there was no precedent going that way. Current state is that our users use two different IDs, one to log into the VDI and the other for emails, one drive, teams, etc. Plus, we pay for an onprem AD that we do not need and password sync is a nightmare. I would love to clean all that back up and just go back to the Azure AD accounts once this is complete.

@getallcoverage, yes you can now use one of our hosted networks which is free and doesn't require Azure subscription to deploy Cloud PC's that are Azure AD Joined into.  

@Jason Johnson @getallcoverage @Tom Davison - Hi all, responding back to report that Azure AD Join for Windows 365 is now GA!


Here's our What's New documentation, and you can see in the docs (like creating a provisioning policy) the option to select Azure AD Join.