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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Windows 365 with WDAC Enforced Policy Causing Language Pack Provisioning Failure

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Hi All


Has anyone here done Windows 365 deployments with WDAC deployed? It would appear that even with the "Allow Microsoft Mode" default policy from the WDAC Policy Wizard used as a base. There seems to be something that WDAC is blocking, causing the Windows 365 device to provision without the custom language pack we need, in our case, en_GB.

I've gone through the logs of a device in audit mode, and there are no log messages that I can find that indicate an issue, and the W365 documentation doesn't have enough info on how the process works for me to troubleshoot it from that side.


Any suggestions?



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@NathanMaslinAus How do you configure WDAC ? I've enabled it through Intune and the provisioning of the CPC is a success with the fr-FR language pack.

@nicolascheymol Yes, it's done via Intune -> Endpoint Security -> App Control for Business, not via the CSP method. We'd prefer to do it this way as we also need the Managed Installer and App Control for Business handles the configuraton of both items. I also don't have the ISG enabled because I can't enable it for compliance reasons. 


Provisioning still works OK, it just pops up as "provisioned with warnings" at the end. I just don't know where or why it's throwing the error

Did you solve your issue ? if not can you DM me your WDAC profile, I'll try to replicate and see if I find the root cause or a workaround