Windows 365 with ThinOS (Wyse5070)

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Hello :)


i try to connect from wyse 5070 thinclient to windows 365. The login screen appears and i can connect to aad and see the possible w365 desktops.

If i try to open it, i have to login again and the error "invalid code" appears.


did anybody have had the same issue and a fix ?


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Look like the error appears as there is noch possibility to enter the mfa code. I can login to azure ad but cannot add the mfa to my login.


What ThinOS version are you using? Azure Virtual Desktop is supported with 9.1, so I would expect that Windows 365 is also supported.


Hi Stephan,


yes, it is the latest release 9.1 and the os present the connection. I think that the second factor is not presented after the login.




AVD is supported with ThinOS and I would recommend upgrading to ThinOS 2208:
I already have the latest updates.
It is a bit weird because the first login works and i can see the connection files to w365. But if i connect to it, there is a second Login (no microsoft theme) and this is where the login failed (secure session host connection) with the error "invalid code").
At first i thought is was a missing second factor, but there is no request in my authenticator app.

@PLorch1711 the first login is the Azure AD, but the second prompt is the local sign in to the machine. 

I think it's time for a support case then!
I have created a support case. I will let you know, if and how they helped me
yes, I'm curious :)

I was getting the same error too. I added targetisaadjoined:i:1 to the advanced RDP Properties and it connects now.

Thanks for the findings! Wondering how you implemented this for Windows 365?
But do you can configure it for w365?
AFAIK there is no way to apply that setting in Win365. In case of Azure Virtual Desktop, you can implement those settings in the RDP Properties of the Host Pool Configurations.
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The result of the call with microsoft is, that there is no way at the moment to use w365 directly via rdp in a ThinOS / Linux operating system. The only way is, to use it with the browser.
Makes total sense! I thought as much there is no way for W365. For AVD yes you can. Worth opening a support ticket with DT Wyse and report this or provide them with a feature request for the future.