Windows 365 with OneDrive for business

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Would it be possible to use OneDrive for Business of the users as storage?


Meaning we can provision the Windows 365 with only 64GB and the files will be storage at OneDrive.

if this is posible how would it be this configurations you links.


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Yes, OneDrive for Business can be configured manually by the user, Group Policy and or MEM. Would also encourage to enable Known Folder Move to enable synchronizing desktop, documents, and photos across all physical PC, Cloud PC, and soon your Mac.
Ok, so those folder won’t impact the 64GB assigned to the Windows 365 VM?

Remember in regular computer once you open them, an offline copy resides in the local disk.

I guess that’s my confusion
encourage to use files on demand that way it won't impact your Cloud PC's storage (Aka the 64gb), another way to explain, its the same as if using OneDrive for Business on your physical laptop.