Windows 365 - Shutting it down or disconnecting from network

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In a scenario where a cloud pc has been compromised, would the ability to turn off or disable the nic temporarily so it is not communicating on the network.

Are there any options available? my cloud pcs are hybrid joined connected to internal vnet, not microsoft hosted.

Don't think the 'cloud under review' feature would accomplish. See there is option to block user but want to block nic from communicating.


Hope someone has validate some options or if Microsoft can provide official answer.

thank you everyone.

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See if you can go to - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\PolicyManager\default\Start\HideShutDown and change the value from 1 to 0. It should show the Shutdown button. Note as you are working with registry make sure you back-up.

Disclaimer - I use the restart options for non-admins but not the shutdown
thanks askaresh, that helps but was really looking for microsoft to provide option to turn off device and "disable" it so the user can't restart it. Put device in some type of maintenance mode where it not connected to network. Looked to disable the nic from the associated azure resource group but could not find anything.. Maybe they can expand options under the 'cloud under review' feature to just be able to disable it temporarily.
I agree from a feature standpoint it will be required. if there is enough customer's requesting the feature it will come through within the product at some standpoint.



This can be done from the Azure networking side by finding the vNIC associated to the CPC. I wouldn't recommend keeping it this way for extended periods of time however as it may cause the CPC to become orphaned from the service/agents.