Windows 365 resizing

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I wonder if there is any idea if windows 365 resizing option will be available?
This option is available to enterprise versions through endpoint pottal, yet nothing about after purchase resizing in business.
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Hi @Mshamza,


Resizing a Cloud PC in Windows 365 Business is not currently supported, but is supported in Windows 365 Enterprise like you mentioned. Could you please share more about your use case?


For example:

  1. How often do you think you'll use the resize feature?
  2. What's the reason you'd like to resize - is it for better performance with additional vCPUs, ability to upgrade to more storage, etc.?

Please also submit a feature request here and choose "Business" as the label: Windows 365 feature requests - Microsoft Tech Community


Hi @ivaylo_ivanov
Thank you so much for your reply
The resizing option is not critical for now but I like to keep any future plans considered like increasing the system size and or increase performance.
I really hope this option is part of upcoming roadmap for windows 365 business.
Thank you
Is this still open for consideration of W365 Business User use cases?

@ivaylo_ivanov is there any movement on this? We have business customers that continually run out of disk space with no upgrade path available. 

@Mshamza - It's a shame that years later, this is still not possible, isn't it? I just got tricked into signing up for Windows 365 PC through Microsoft 365 business premium licensing, and now I regret it. It's the millionth time that I've felt like the poorly treated unwashed masses because I'm not that big word ENTERPRISE.. 


To me, it's a basic requirement. If I wanted to throw away a PC and start from scratch, I could do that the old-fashioned way and just buy PC's .. 

Very basic resizing option is not available for Windows 365 business. Business users are running out of memory... No option. Almost 2 years now MS never considered adding an option to resize the windows 365 business cloud PC.

@Sandy25  - Yes, it's awful. It made me regret signing up to the platform at all as an M365 Business Premium tenant. Fortunately, it became clear right away that the lousy-tier machine was not going to work. Practically unusable -  unless, perhaps, all you're doing is reading PDF's of children's books.. The fact that I had to start from zero rebuilding the machine again for a simple lack of a couple of gb of memory is just horrible - and it wasn't because Microsoft doesn't have the technology to do this -- if you are an enterprise client, you can do it. If you are what Microsoft obviously considers the unwashed masses on the other hand, you can just *** right off. Not the first and I'm sure not the last time I have been punished mercilessly for being a Microsoft customer (but just not a respected one).

@BrentWPuebla - I am sorry to hear sir.  I am also in the same boat. Can we convert the business to enterprise? So that we can avoid losing everything. Microsoft team- please help.

This feature went general availability about a month ago - works for both individual and group based license assignments.

@2nikon the people complaining, including myself, are Business Premium users, not enterprise. This feature is enterprise -only and has been for much longer than a month. It's one of a nunber of features apparently intentionally engineered to punish customers for not being big enough to get the grown up version of m365.