Windows 365 recommendations for my environment

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Very excited for what W365 has to offer and I'm a bit confused as to which path to take. Business or Enterprise.

Some info on my environment. 
-Fully Cloud Infrastructure

-P1 for Autopilot and Azure AD(3rd party MDM) 

-O365 Business Apps as a 'a la carte' offering
-No Microsoft On-Prem 
-Do not use Exchange/SharePoint
-Do not use Microsoft SSO or MFA

-No Vnets or VDI infrastructure 

While looking at the documentation, I see W365 Enterprise MUST have an on-prem environ and hybrid AD join on. W365 business makes more sense for us, but we're capped at 300 users.

What route should I take if we have over 300 users who will require a W365 license?


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Azure AD Support for Windows 365 Enterprise is coming soon. Then you will be able to use Enterprise (with no on-prem infrastructure) beyond 300 users.

@Steven DeQuincey Please consider opening it up to Business edition as well.  Small businesses want to be fully cloud hosted too!  If anything, small businesses are more likely to want hosted services like AAD as they might not have the onsite infrastructure and resources that enterprise customers have.

@Steven DeQuincey Thanks, that's awesome news!

Thank you for your response @Steven DeQuincey ! This is great news!

Would I be complicating things by going with Windows 365 Business, then transitioning to Enterprise? I ask because we would like to get this going asap!