Windows 365 - Provisioning Policy (Language & Region = English (United Kingdom) - Problem

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I'm scratching me head here, and Microsoft support just have me going round and around re-provisioning the same test device over and over.

I have 2 provisioning policies:

1 = 2vCPU 8GB 128GB | Hybrid Azure AD join | Gallery Win 10 22h2 | English (United Kingdom)

2 = 2vCPU 8GB 128GB | Hybrid Azure AD join | Gallery Win 10 22h2 | English (United States)


Provisioning policy 1 used to work fine, then out of the blue devices would provision but be unstable.  Lang packs not installed correctly, and new ones unavailable to install, Windows Defender Firewall service not starting and the device is unmanageable.

Provisioning policy 2 - continues to work fine and the devices are stable and work correctly.


There are no other config policies being applied, the only difference between the two is the lang selection.


Has anyone seen this?  I ideally need them to provision in en-gb and am reaching out to the community so I can hopefully put this one to bed.


Many thanks

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@Andy Kinseley Yes, I've had issue with the UK language pack as well

The following configurations did not apply successfully:
  • Windows language & Region: We’re unable to install the selected language for your provisioned Cloud PCs.

I have to then run windows update, reboot and then manually install the laguage pack. MS Support haven't come up with any fix yet

Hi @stevestreet
For me, Intune support passed this off to Windows OS support then closed my ticket. Windows support came back with a workaround so complicated it was impractical repeat (Then closed my ticket). I gave up in the end and have the lang pack installed via sccm ts.