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Windows 365 Provisioning Policy doesn't show the Naming Template

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Hi there Everyone, First time posting. My company just spun up Windows365 and the company we were working with, wasn't able to pinpoint or sort out why the Provisioning policy didn't show a place for us to change the naming policy of our VPC's. I'm a windows 365 Admin, Intune Admin, and our Global Admin also tried to create a provisioning policy and same thing below. We signed out and did the usual gammet, however this is a head scratcher. Anyone see this or know where to point me on this one?






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Hi @Lynster,

Sorry to hear that you are facing an issue with the provisioning policy experiences. If not already done, can you please file a support ticket so we can investigate the issue? Please also provide your organization's AAD Tenant ID here if you are comfortable so I can pass this along to the team to get started on the investigation in parallel.

HI there, Yes, i've just created a ticket with MS. "‎Windows365 Provisioning policy naming template not showing up"‎ (#‎35911606‎)
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Well I did hear back from Microsoft in case anyone is/was experiencing the same thing.

The Custom name template for Cloud PCs in provisioning policy has been rolled out with Service release 2303 : Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365
I had a discussion with the engineers this morning and as I was informed release of this feature (Custom Name Temple) has been put on hold due to some issues and it will resume with service release 2304
New feature releases for Intune typically have a six to eight week cadence, from planning to release. This cadence is called a sprint. Duration can vary but sprints are typically 6-8 weeks
2304 mean that the release will be rolled out at the end of April but the feature itself might be available 2-4 weeks after:

That's all folks