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Hi all, I'm working through the Windows 365 Trial experience with a customer. They have 12 licenses and each one is assigned to a user.
The various users connect correctly to their cloud pcs and work.
In case a user has problems with the pc we tested the connection with quick assist and it works correctly.
The customer requires, if it exists, a way to connect to those pc with a local administrator and not with the user owner of the pc.
is it possible? can you tell me how to do it?



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Are these Azure-only or Hybrid machines? I assume using Enterprise, not Business, given your Label for the question.
If Hybrid, then treat them like any other domain-joined machine in terms as granting/controlling local admin rights. Can even do that for Azure-only machines.
However, if you are using Microsoft's network, rather than 'bring-your-own', you probably won't want to open the Firewall enough to allow incoming connections from effectively the Internet.
Perhaps you should also explain what you mean by 'connect to those pc' - just connect to the C$ share, or actually RDP onto them?
thank you for your reply! the connection is Azure AD join and we do not connect with AD on premises. the customer would like to connect via RDP on the VMs.

@valetedo Then, in my limited experience so far, sounds like you're asking the same question as this; - not answered, but I think the answer is going to be no. After all, the license for a single machine is assigned to a single user.

That said, I just tried! And I could RDP into my Cloud PC using a different account to the one that is assigned. But, a) that account is local admin (via a Restricted Groups policy) and b) the Cloud PC is connected 'internally' via our own Azure VNET.
So, it might be possible for you, but it's a question of how you'd ensure the other user (IT support I assume) was granted rights to RDP (either added to local admins, or remote desktop users), and about allowing incoming access from an untrusted network.
Same scenario as a physical device at someone's home - can the IT support staff RDP to that device? If you can set that up (no VPN either, unless Device level one), then you can do the same for a Cloud PC.