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 Windows 365 be used for animation or rendering work?   what are the GPU specs

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GPU support is coming, so not yet. Watch our in-development doc =
Hello! Is there any update on GPU support for Cloud PCs? Is this feature still in development?
I would also like to know this as we may have a use case to move graphic intensive workloads out of Citrix on very expensive on prem hardware because of the overhead costs. We would like to test this out with several graphic intensive workloads as soon as possible.

Quote from Forbes:

When I asked Microsoft about the lack of GPU configurability, they told me that this is coming. This is good as without GPUs, you wouldn’t want to provide the service to anyone with a workstation doing complex development, 3D modeling or even programming.



Microsoft Announces Windows 365 Cloud Desktop At Its Inspire Partner Event


Is there any update from Microsoft about this?


Our use-case is doing game development on our Cloud PCs. We need GPU capabilities to run the Unity Editor and test content in our browsers. Microsoft Edge on a Cloud PC does not provide acceptable framerates because there is no GPU. The software renderer in Chrome (and therefore Edge) is not usable for WebGL. The recent MMR enhancements for Remote Desktop / Cloud PC do not seem to help with this issue. In the early stages Microsoft said GPU support for Windows 365 was coming soon, but it seems they have cancelled this?


Please let us know if you are still planning on providing Cloud PCs with a GPU. 

@Daniel_BA : Your observation is correct, we're re-evaluating how we offer this for the Windows 365 Enterprise service as a whole. The Windows 365 roadmap will be the best page to track for when we have a better estimate on when this will land.


In the meantime, if you need GPUs for your workload, I would recommend evaluating Azure Virtual Desktop where you have the flexibility to choose your specific VM SKU.

Is there any update as to when this is coming?


Our users current VDI solution has a GPU and without GPU support it makes it very difficult to justify a downgraded experience.

Any update on this.  We are using Windows 365 Enterprise and would like to expand to our autocad clients.


@Technophobia @SThomas40 @Frank1790  - Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, we're still working on this and don't have a commitment on when we may introduce this into the service.


In the meantime, I'd suggest piloting the workload on Azure Virtual Desktop to see if that meets your needs, as Windows 365 leverages the same connectivity platform and would provide a similar experience at the point in time that GPU is offered in Windows 365.


Thanks for your patience here folks, I recognize that this is a huge use case.

@Christian_Montoya  just want to weigh in on the question of a GPU for windows 365. I was looking at this service to run virtual workstations for planning dental implant surgery.  However the planning application requires OpenGL 3.2 and it fails to load on windows 365 with the error message citing the lack of OpenGL 3.2 support. 


This is disappointing as in many ways the windows 365 service would cut the complexity of having to handle sensitive patient healthcare information (HiPPA) data and would have allowed me to simply provision multiple powerful workstations as and when the demand requires while allowing my (remote) surgical planners to bring their own device / use a "thin client".


Any indication as to timescales would be appreciated. 

@Christian_Montoya "Unfortunately, we're still working on this and don't have a commitment on when we may introduce this into the service."


Wow. I came here to hope to read that it's here. This thread started at the end of 2021. And now you are saying don't have a commitment? Why? What has gotten in the way? What changed? You don't need to get into super technical details, but customers would like to know where this is going. So we don't expect things will be resolved between a week and 2027. 

any news about this feature ? As this is really a show stopper for many use case.

@jsybille1976 There are several sessions about Windows 365 during Microsoft Ignite later this month, including a Q & A session. I plan to ask what is happening with GPU  acceleration for Windows 365. I would urge you to do the same.

Thanks for that - very interesting. Hopefully there will be announcements at ignite. It has been a long time coming.

Thanks for your messages and for the the link @Laurent Morel , @Nicholas Plant , it gives hope. ;)