Windows 365 - Export list of cloud pcs with last activity

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how to export a list of all cloud pcs and include the last activity of each one?

Last activity = last logon. 

Powershell, graph, other. Anything out there i can use to do this?


Note: Using portal,  I can drill down into each cloud pc, select performance and the 'last activity' field is there and it populates with last time user logged into cloud pc but have no way to export all cloud pcs with this field.


Hoping someone out there can help. thank you.

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There is an out of the box report available for you! (Reports - Cloud PC overview - Cloud PC Utilization) once you click on the report you will be able to see all the Cloud PC utilization. Please note that "Date last connected" is the same "last active time".

My blog post to do with via powershell -

@askaresh Thank you very much.

Looked at the built in reports and provides the info I needed. 'Date Last Connected'. Thank you again.


Noticed something weird is that if you export that report, the 'date last connected' column that gets downloaded to csv, gets renamed to 'LastActiveTime' and the value is in hours instead of date. And those hour values don't seem right, they don't coincide with 'Date Last Connected' showing in console. 

Again, it could be my tenant only but wanted to share. 


I will try your graph suggestion as well to become familiar. very helpful. thank you.

Your observation is correct! The UI has a friendly name VS the API..