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Windows 365 Enterprise Delivery Optimization - VNET behind Fortigate bundled internet Outbreak

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Dear Microsoft Community


We managed to get all our Windows 365 Enterprise Machines behind an Azure Hosted Fortinet Firewall with a static public IP adress.

All traffic from the machines is routed trough the fortigate.

We built it that way so we can trust the devices/fortigates public ip in conditional access policies in multiple tenants and do web content filtering.


To minimize the traffic going trough the Fortigate (paid per usage) we wanted to enable Windows Update Delivery Optimization for our machines. 

We saw microsoft has blocked delivery optimization on the windows 365 machines per default and are wondering if it has an impact on the machines if we enable it.


Has anyone experience with a setup simlilar than ours?


Thanks in advance and Greetings

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DO will have an impact, but not necessarly impacting the user experience. I wouldn't recomend it on a 2 vCPU/4 GB RAM and depending on the usage of the Cloud PC I would test and monitor the impact on 2 vCPU/8 GB RAM machines.